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"Well I loved experiencing the Stumacher essence! You are legendary around here, for a good reason."
   V. E. Monadnock Region, NH

"It was AMAZING, Eric,  absolutely gorgeous...AND .....some of my all time favorite music."
   M. E. Keene, NH

“What a delightful concert of great music you presented at the Colonial. We were so impressed by the orchestra and its musicians. After 30 years of attending the BSO, we have been looking for concerts nearer home, and we believe we have found a worthy substitute.”
     E. G. Jaffrey, NH

“I wish to thank you and all the members of the Keene Chamber Orchestra for the superb concert last Sunday. It was the greatest symphonic experience I have had in our area in the past 15 years.”
     O. T. Spofford, NH

“Thank YOU, my friend. I am very, VERY happy with how we did this!!!”
     L. S. Westmoreland, NH

“I can only repeat again and again how much of a privilege and blessing it was to be part of your team, and to stand with the KCO even this one night. I was incredibly moved by it all.”
     L. F.

“The concert was really terrific. The KCO is a remarkable group of people; I felt a surge of tremendous energy and enthusiasm at both the rehearsals and the concert. And the performance was first rate – I was smiling and singing all the way home. Thank you so much!”
     D. W. Worcester, MA

“Super concert. Super event. Never better. It makes me very proud. We will feel like we are opening the presents from this for a long time.”
     J. H. East Sullivan, NH

“The orchestra sounded TERRIFIC. And the concerto was beautiful, and then what a great thing to perform a work bringing together so many local musical and literary artists, not to mention local color and local lore. A rousing success. Congratulations.”
     J. A. Hanover, NH

“What a wonderful afternoon!!!!!!!!! Steve and I were so happy to be part of the premier. Wonderful work, great audience, great people.”
     E. A. Dublin, NH

“Wow! It was simply beautiful. We loved it. Thanks so much for all you do in bringing such wonderful culture and art to our region. We are so fortunate to have the Orchestra and all the people it brings together.”
     P. and B. H. Marlborough, NH

“Wonderful concert today.”
     J. P. Keene, NH

“My phone has been ringing, e-mails are full — everyone’s raving. For myself, I can’t say enough about the orchestra.”
     E. C. Dublin, NH

“Thank you for the splendid concert I had the pleasure of attending on Sunday. How fortunate we are to have such great music in this community.”
     L. S. Dublin, NH

“Eric, of course, all concerts are wonderful. But this one, ahhhh, it was simply glorious.
What a privilege to be a part of it all.”


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